Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus infection, also known as Onychomycosis, affects around 15% of the people all over the world every year. It causes nails to become thick and dull, the formation of yellow spot on the toenail adds to the suffering and nail fungus infection could be sometimes painful too. You would be unwise enough to think that only old folks suffer from nail fungus infection, studies have revealed that 37% of the patients are the younger generation. For younger generation it is a cosmetic issue and for old ones it’s painful.

There are many causes for nail fungus infection. We only blame fungus for this infection but studies have shown that it’s not just a fungus but a whole army of about 100 or more organism working together for toenail fungus infection. Nail fungus infection is contagious and thus public facilities like swimming pool, gym lockers and pedicures are common source of nail fungus infection. Fungi and most other germs love, moist dark and confined spaces, that’s why toenail fungus is more common that fingernail fungus as our feet remains confined most of the time in a day.

Of the treatment available for the nail fungus infection, the quickest one is laser treatment. A little while back, Podiatrists claimed that laser treatment is one of the safest and quickest treatment for getting rid of nail fungus infection. In this treatment, Podiatrist aims a laser beam, of very less power, at the patients toenail to kill the germs and organism that causes nail fungus infection. The cost for the treatment of nail fungus infection can range from 800$ to 1500$ for a single session. Laser treatment does not comes under health insurance as it is considered as an aesthetic procedure. Also the nails aren’t cleared immediately after the treatment, but takes few hours or so.

Although this method of treatment of nail fungus infection is considered to be effective but guess what, the solid evidence of the effectiveness of laser treatment on nail fungus is very scant. The treatment with laser does not have side effects as of now, but it cannot cure the infection completely. The chances of recurrence of nail fungus infection, even after the laser treatment cannot be neglected. In some stubborn cases 3 to 5 Laser sessions would be needed which would be quite expensive.

So, if you really want to treat your nail fungus infection and also want to save hundreds of dollars then you should go for topical treatments. Although topical treatment takes time, but they are free from side effects. Zetaclear is one of the best topical treatment available in the market for the treatment of nail fungus infection. It has tea tree oil as one of its major ingredient, which has highest penetrating ability against nail fungus. The product is highly recommended by many podiatrist and customers who have seen the effectiveness of Zetaclear. Zetaclear nail fungus treatment is getting very popular for treating this disease.

The bottom-line is, whether you go for laser treatment, oral medication or topical treatment, the duration for complete treatment of nail fungus infection is about a year. Laser treatment is expensive and does not guarantee you complete cure and is too expensive. Oral medication is effective but carries along a risk of liver damage. Topical treatment, like Zetaclear, are slow but they deal with the nail fungus once and for all.

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