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Which is Better to use, a Gas Log Splitter or Electric Log Splitter?

Which is Better to use, a Gas Log Splitter or Electric Log Splitter?

Both gas and electric log splitters are much in vogue these days and enable you to accomplish your wood splitting goals in a very quick period of time. If you are wondering about which is better to use, when faced with a choice between a gas log splitter and an electric log splitter, then there are some vital points that you need to take into consideration.

Electric Log Splitters are Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Use

An electricity outlet of 120 volt is all that you need in order to run an electric log splitter smoothly. It is perfect for being used indoors as it is quite small in size and does not emanate toxic fumes the way a gas powered log splitter does. They are lighter and quite portable as well and you will find it quite easy to transport the electric log splitter around from one place to another.

Gas Log Splitters work well in Outdoor Locations and don’t require Electrical Access to function

If you are looking to carry out your wood splitting work out of doors and that too in large quantity, then the gas powered log splitter would be a better option for you to use. You can easily use this tool in a remote location as you simply need to ensure a continuous supply of fuel to keep the log splitter going. The electric log splitter can’t be used in any remote place as you will need an electric outlet to plug it in and a generator as well to keep it functioning for several hours at a stretch.

Thus, when it comes to deciding between an electric log splitter and a gas log splitter, it seems that the electric log splitter is more convenient to use, by virtue of its size, portability and accessibility. However, if you are comfortable working in the wild outdoors and have plenty of woodcutting work at your disposal the gas powered log splitter will no doubt be a far better choice.