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Getting Rid Of Warts On The Hands

Warts are those embarrassing and ugly looking skin growths that are caused by a type of virus known as the human papilloma virus (HPV).  This infection is very contagious and can be easily transferred from an infected person to someone who is uninfected. The mode of infection is either through sex or physical contact with the infected person. It is a very common infection among people with low immunity. Sometimes the signs of this infection are visible even after a few days.  So having known a bit about warts, what the remedy?


Trying to get rid of warts on the hands is becoming increasingly difficult these days especially as there are several treatment options to choose from. This article seeks to show you a few tips that would help you get rid of warts on your hands fast, within a few weeks.

Warts are due to a virus known as the human papilloma virus (HPV). Unfortunately, they do not disappear on their own unless you do something about them. So how can you deal with warts? While there may be several ways of getting rid of warts, there is one tried and tested method that helps you get rid of the warts for good. This involves the garlic herb. Garlic is a natural herb that fights against several viruses and can be used to effectively deal with warts. You can also use wartrol to cure warts on hands.

You may take garlic tablets twice daily. Garlic supplements that are odorless can be obtained from many nutrition stores if you do like the odor of garlic. In one or two weeks of usage, the warts would start drooping off. You should only stop taking the supplements when the warts are all gone.

Another way to deal with warts on the hand is:

1. Place the whole hand in heated saline water and allow it to bathe for say 15 minutes. By the end of this time, your skin would have been moistened.

2.  Peel or scrape off all the layers of dead skin as much as you can before applying any other type of medication. You could use a nail file or pumice stone. A fine sandpaper could also be used. Doing this allows any medication you apply goes deeper and serves a more useful purpose.

If the warts feel irritated, do not worry as it is a good indication that your body’s defence system is doing its work.